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How to Get Connected with Diversified

Simply search and apply for a position on our Career Opportunities portal (insert link). You will need to create a profile if this is your first time applying at Diversified. Once you have created a profile, you will be able to quickly apply for other opportunities.

Once you have created your profile, the Careers site will give you an option to upload an existing resume, import your information from Linkedin or create a resume from scratch.

Yes, definitely! You will be contacted once our Corporate Talent Acquisition team has an opportunity to review your application and determine which role would be the best match for you.

The process for a former Diversified employee is the same as all other candidates. Please be sure to list that you are a “Former Employee” on your application.

Yes! We encourage that you reach out to friends and former colleagues who work at Diversified so they can submit your information to the Talent Acquisition team. Also, please be sure to list that you learned about Diversified through a current employee by listing “Employee Referral” on your application.

Our Talent Acquisition team reviews candidates for each of our career opportunities and will reach out to you directly if they believe you are a strong match for the position. If you are not contacted, you will become a permanent member of our Talent Community, which means that you may be contacted for other opportunities within Diversified at a later date.

Resume Tips & Tricks

We are interested in seeing your latest accomplishments, strengths and any specific and unique skills that you may have that might be applied to a position at Diversified. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments in your previous positions – not just your position responsibilities.

A resume can be longer than 1 page, however, be sure that your summaries are relevant, clear and concise. It’s not about how long your resume is, it’s about how impactful the words are.

Yes! This information helps us get to know your better by letting us know what is important to you outside of the workplace. However, keep this information brief and do not let it overshadow your work experience.

Each position has specific skill sets and qualities in order to be successful in that role, however, we are looking for candidates that have a strong willingness to learn, the right attitude, a passion to be the best every day and a desire to excel.

Be Ready for Your Interview

Be sure to review the job description and research our company as well as the team that you will be meeting with during your interview. Prepare examples that demonstrate your strengths, questions about opportunity and team as well the Diversified culture.

Yes! Questions demonstrate your interest, passions and level of understanding of the position and Diversified. This is your opportunity to get to know us as well.

What Happens after the Interview?

You can reach out to the Recruiter that you have been working with on our Talent Acquisition team.

Your Recruiter should be able to help you understand the timeline for the position that you interviewed for. Typically, you should hear back from them within a week of your interview.

If you didn’t receive business cards during your visit for your interview, your Recruiter can provide the contact information of your interviewers if you would like to send Thank You notes.