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You’ve acquired valuable skills. Now, is the time to take the next step in your career. At Diversified, our teams help bring tomorrow’s technology solutions to life and shape the digital landscape of how our clients conduct business and connect on a global level. We’re looking for talented individuals that are highly motivated, driven to succeed, and looking to be part of a growing team.

To be the best, we know we need the best

As the needs of our clients continue to evolve, we’re seeking out today’s dedicated professionals that are ready to face the challenge. Being “second place” isn’t in our nature. Our teams collaborate around the world to design and deliver innovative and exciting technology strategies for a first-class global clientele. In an industry that’s constantly advancing with its eye on the future, we’re looking for experienced individuals who are excited to not only lead the way but to help shape today’s upcoming workforce. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career complete with opportunities to continue to expand your skill sets, share your knowledge with tomorrow’s specialists, and be on the cutting edge of today’s technology solutions, then the Diversified team is your perfect fit!

An Employee Path at Diversified

Brad S., Regional Vice President

I started as nothing more than a ‘helper’ with the integration teams in the field. I have now been in the AV industry for almost three decades, two of which have been with Diversified. As an Account Executive for 19 years, working some of Atlanta’s most high profile corporate renovations and relocations, I was then appointed Regional Vice President of Diversified’s Southeast region in 2016. My tenure in the industry and extensive experience with large enterprise organizations has been excellent preparation for the rapid and continual changes within the realm of collaboration technology solutions.

I have been with the company since I was 15 years old. As an installation technician in high school and college, I worked Christmas breaks, spring breaks and summer breaks with the technical operations team. 

My team and I are focused on the successful delivery of advanced technology solutions for multiple market sectors across a growing global organization.

Installation (Install Tech)
Sales (Account Executive)
Leadership (Dir. & Regional VP)
Brad S.
    In the early years when I worked at Diversified in high school and over breaks in college, I learned cable pulling, rack builds, projector, projection screen and flat screen installations.
    Before finishing undergraduate school I became a lead installation technician managing a team of field technicians.
    As an Account Executive, I aggressively pursued business opportunities around audio visual, collaboration and supporting technologies. These opportunities targeted corporate renovations and relocations generally with national and global enterprise organizations.
    Activities included client prospecting, account and client relationship management, understanding business issues and resolution, understanding the importance of the design community and project stakeholders, project needs analysis, proposal generation, negotiation and closing deals.
    As Director I was afforded the opportunity to continue working the strategic client and stakeholder (design community) relationships cultivated over the years as an account executive as well as work with a team of account executives and technical operations team members to build our business in the Atlanta market space.
    As Region Vice President I continue to work the Atlanta market space with increased responsibility to help build our business and share our value proposition with the North and South Carolina and Florida.
1992 to 1997
1997 to 2016
2016 to present