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Early in your career, you are looking to develop job-specific skills and applied skills – valuable skills. Your sights are set on hands-on, meaningful experience and you are hungry for real challenges and real rewards.  At Diversified, entry-level positions put you in the game and in the field – they’re about gaining experience in a company dedicated to delivering the best the industry has to offer on each and every project. You bring us your imagination and energy.  We offer you guidance characterized by a collaborative environment and inspired by the collective knowledge of our peers and lessons learned over time. Ultimately, it’s wisdom – which emerges from learning from experience – that compels us to pass those lessons down to you. Whether you’re looking for a challenging internship, looking for your first job as a recent college graduate or looking to apply your trade school knowledge in the field – at Diversified there is a spot for everyone. With technology driving unimaginable change, there’s no better time to join our team. So come on an incredible journey with us to be part of the best and brightest in the industry.

An Employee Path at Diversified

Shaina W., CCNA, CTS, DMC-E, Director, Global Service Center

When I was interviewing for a service contract administrator position in 2012, Joe L. asked me what I wanted in a job/company. I responded that I wanted a company that I could grow within and not grow out of.  This company has proven to be exactly that.  I am constantly challenged and continue to push myself to the next level every day because I know it’s attainable if I work hard and prove myself.

I have gone from an entry level position to a member of leadership in 5 years.

Not only has this company allowed me to flourish, but it has allowed me to foster the same development in my team members.  I have been able to bring employees up through the ranks and promote them. This has been largely due to encouragement from leadership to develop and reward my team for excellence. I am thankful to be a part of a company that promotes growth from within and genuinely cares about the growth of its employees.

Service Contract Administrator
Manager–Global Service Center
Director–Global Service Center
Shaina W.
    In this position, I created and tracked service agreement renewals. I worked with account managers and clients to win service renewal business and created and updated processes related to service agreement handoff between TechOps & Service. I assisted with the development of a process for tracking vendor sub-coverage.
    I managed a team of 3 Tier 1 / 2’s, dispatchers and parts & ticket coordinators. This grew to 15 by 2018.I started out 8x5 and went 24x7x365 in August of 2017. I handled client escalations and ensured clients received timely, professional service, supporting both internal and external clients. I moved from a National to Global client support model.
    In this position I oversee a team of 20 GSC members including 1 supervisor. We develop and implement processes to ensure ownership and accountability throughout the service organization. I work closely with the Executive Director and Vice President of Global Services to provide constant improvement in service delivery. I ensure timely & quality execution against client contracts & SLA’s. In my role, I also hire, train and mentor the GSC personnel and track GSC and overall Global Services Key Performance Metrics.
Sept. 2012 to Dec. 2014
Dec. 2014 to Jan. 2018
Jan. 2018 to Present

"I started as an account executive in Chicago and after 4 years I was offered a promotion to Regional Director of the new Philadelphia office,..."

"...which allowed me to move back to home state and gave me a great career growth opportunity.”

Perry F. Sales Director