In Partnership with the Career Resource Center at Fort Bragg

Transitioning Service Members, join Diversified Academy and train to become an Audio Visual Installation Technician. Diversified Academy will prepare you or your spouse to work as an AV Level 1 Tech, installing systems for clients such as Google, Facebook and eBay as well as the DoD and Federal Government.

Our Mission

The mission of the Diversified Academy Career Skills Program is to provide training and employment opportunities to Veterans and their spouses. Our goal is to introduce, train, and provide transition assistance from military service to a role at Diversified. Veterans should be recognized for their service, and it would be an honor to have Veterans serve as members of the Diversified team.

“Military values of teamwork, selflessness, sacrifice and dedication closely mirror our core DNA at Diversified…"

"…We are proud to honor the service of our Veterans, to enable a successful transition from military to civilian life, and to provide opportunity in applying their skills and talents to building complex technology solutions across the globe.”

Fred D’AlessandroCEO

Your Path to Success

Diversified is committed to supporting your transition to civilian success. We value your commitment, ingenuity, elite work ethic and broad array of skills. We provide the tools, resources and pathways to help smooth your transition into the company and find roles for you and your spouse that match your real potential.

Diversified Academy

Successfully complete the course and be ready to work on Day 1. As you build your skills, you’ll have the advantage of exploring myriad opportunities for career growth.



Already possess the skills that match a current opening? Apply directly! Our internal recruiting team will help you transition.


Your Values are Our Values: Service & Integrity

Meet a few of our successful service members

US Marine Corps
US Marine Corps
US Army Retired
US Marine Corps
Lead AV Technician | San Diego, CA
    “The mental, physical, and character discipline that the Marine Corps honed has allowed me to successfully transition into an industry that I knew nothing about prior to moving into a civilian career. By striving for more training, education, certifications, and excellence I have developed into a leader amongst my Commercial Audio Video Installation Team. Take the positive and applicable skills you have learned from the military and allow them to advance your civilian career.”
Architectural Liaison | Nashville, TN
    “I joined Diversified after I had retired from the Marines and started my second career as an Interior Designer. Here I get to put my problem solving skills, desire to constantly learn new information, leadership skills, attention to details, and my interior design knowledge to work to assist in solutions for our clients collaboration technology.”
Director of Federal Global Services | Fayetteville, NC
    “As I entered military retirement I began to evaluate my opportunities and the possibilities in the corporate workforce. I choose Diversified because, like the military, Diversified is comprised of talented and motivated personnel who strive to be the best at everything they do. As a member of the Diversified Team I have been able to apply skills I learned in the military as well as learn new skills that have enabled me to excel within the company.”
Director of Training, Medical Innovation Group | Dallas, TX

“Having served as on Officer in the US Marine Corps, I learned early on that Marine Leadership starts with basic core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. These intrinsic values have carried over into every aspect of my rewarding career here at Diversified. Part of the Diversified mission is “To be the best” and it has been gratifying for me to know that those values that are now part of my DNA have translated very easily into the core DNA of who Diversified is. Diversified has provided me with continual challenges and opportunities and the discipline and skill sets that have carried me through my Marine Corps career have allowed me to succeed here at Diversified and be part of an amazing team who all strive to make this company the best”

Joshua S
Crystal B
David H